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The Tire That

Never Goes Flat

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What is an NDX System?

NDX is a game-changing mobility solution for commercial turf equipment such as zero-turn, riding and stand-on mowers, as well as utility and rough terrain vehicles (UTVs/RTVs) used primarily at worksites. Sold as a system—tire and wheel included—NDX’s innovative airless design and construction eliminates costly downtime from flat tires.

NDX System Lasts Up To 2x Longer

NDX lasts up to 2x longer than other airless tire options, even when carrying heavy loads and after sustaining damage. It just keeps rolling, no matter what, ensuring more value and a better ROI.

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Why Do I Need an NDX System?

NDX solves the longstanding problem of flat tires for vehicles used in rough environments, where fleets and owner-operators cannot tolerate downtime. And, it not only lasts longer than other airless tire options, it helps improve fuel economy as well.

NDX System – An Eco-Friendly Mobility Solution

NDX tires reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% compared to other options, making it an environmentally friendly solution for green operators.

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See the NDX System in Action:
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